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For all Muslims, Ramadan is a holy month whereby the heavenly rewards for good deeds are multiplied. It’s also a month of self-observation, patience and abstinence.

Those who are fasting are also highly encouraged to go about their daily routine normally and not use fasting as an excuse to skip anything, i.e. household chores or work.

However, fitting in an hour or so doing your favourite workout makes for a tough decision. The lack of food and water, coupled with a few hours lesser sleep would definitely not motivate you to do any slightly strenuous exercise. Even walking to the nearest grocery store would be a challenge. We get that.

At the same time, our Muslim sisters also face the fear of putting on weight, which can easily happen either by overeating or making the wrong choices of food during or after iftar.

Here’s what we suggest. If you’re fasting, switch your exercise routine, but don’t forego exercising completely during this month. It’s important to maintain consistency. Doing light exercise when fasting is good, as it helps to keep the system working and blood circulating. This is why we recommend you to participate in our gym’s newest program, VLF Yoga.

Why VLF Yoga?

VLF Yoga and fasting complement each other perfectly. The combination of stretching, dynamic flow movements and twisting along with deep breathing exercises speeds up your body’s detox process. This is exactly what your body needs, because if the toxins stay longer in your system, it gives rise to conditions like fatigue and migraines.

There are numerous physical benefits of VLF Yoga. Just to list a few:
– Increase in flexibility and joint mobility
– Core strengthening
– Injury prevention
– Improved athletic performance
– Heightened sense of self-awareness

Reap all of those benefits in our all-women gym environment, and rest assured that you’ll be in good hands as our experienced yoga instructor Joey, will guide you meticulously through your practice.

For our fasting Muslims, the recommended time to exercise would be a few hours before you break your fast, but if you prefer to do it after, make sure you keep your meal light, i.e. plenty of water, a handful of dates, a banana, etc. You can consume a full meal after your exercise.

Here’s the good news. In the month of Ramadan, we are enabling all our Muslim sisters to utilise their existing training packages (Muaythai/Hotbod Conditioning) with VLF Yoga as a low impact option, at no additional cost – Because we love you!

Our yoga class will be on Saturdays at 2pm – 3pm, commencing on 28 May. Book your slots with us early, especially if you are intending to spread the love by bringing your friends and family.

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