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Why VLF Yoga?

Comfortably Safe Environment

We provide an all-female non-judgmental environment where everyone can be at ease with herself while enjoying yoga, without worrying about the opposite sex looking at your chest or bum, etc.

No Frills, No Façade

Dress comfortably, not to impress. There won’t be a fashion parade going on. Just remember to bring a towel.

Complementary To Existing Programs


We all know how easy it is to get tired and lose control of our breathing during class. VLF Yoga comes in by making us more in-tuned with our mind and body. As a result, we’re more able to catch our breath, slow down our heart rate and be in control of our thoughts during moments of complete madness and fatigue.


VLF Yoga requires an incredible amount of balance. And since we’re into Muaythai, we all know that balance plays a major role in being able to perform certain techniques correctly, especially the roundhouse kicks. The kicks are nothing without balance, as we will have the tendency to fall sideways or even backwards. But after a few weeks of VLF Yoga practice and holding those rather awkward poses for minutes at one time, pivoting on the balls on your feet for your kicks will feel a lot easier.


It takes a huge amount of strength, balance and coordination to perform some of the more advanced yoga poses. These poses will not only build our upper body strength, but they will also improve our leg strength and core, which are all important in both our Muaythai and Hotbod classes. Once our core strength is developed, we’ll have complete control of our body movements. Deadlifts on the 22kg barbell will be a breeze.


The variety of stretches done in our yoga class will help not only hip flexibility, but it also opens up our chest, lengthen the spine, conditions our hamstrings and much more. Definitely recommended if you aim to throw deathly high kicks.

Injury rehab and prevention

Other than increasing flexibility and improving muscle joint mobility, VLF Yoga also strengthens the spine; corrects posture; eases back pain; improves muscular-skeletal conditions such as bad knees, tight shoulders and stiff necks.

We Encourage Play And Laughter

We’re different because we treat yoga as playtime. When we enjoy ‘play’, we’re able to be more creative and widen our potentials.

‘Play’ can help us achieve one of the core aims of yoga – staying focused on the here and now. When we’re laughing, we aren’t anywhere except the present. Laughter puts us in the moment. The ability to experience ‘now’ is important, as it is only in the now that we can experience joy.

When people laugh together in a group, it creates a positive group energy that comes from positive thoughts and emotions. This form of non-judgmental communication with other members of the group creates a positively high spiritual energy field that results in uplifted feelings and makes you more relaxed.

Humour allows us to laugh off ‘wrong’ poses and revel in the ‘right’ ones, as well as brave the ones we’ve never dreamed of trying before.

Beginners (or the highly inflexible) are able to learn the poses without being judged, because even the trainers and regulars are beginners.

VLF Yoga’s #1 rule: Relax your muscles, surrender to the moment, and take yourselves (and yoga!) less seriously. Your body will most likely be much more flexible, and so will your mind.

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