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Living in this fast-paced and one of the most expensive cities in the world has made us workaholics in our own way, always frightened to be left behind, always wanting the best for ourselves and our family. Taking a long break might sometimes seem unthinkable. As we get swept away in this continuous whirlwind that we call life (in SG), many parents might subconsciously neglect those they love most, i.e. their children.

As much as a job is crucial for sustenance, you shouldn’t always prioritise work over your family – your kids need you too. Children are the future of our generation, so they should be inculcated with the correct values in the midst of ECH (early childhood – kids below 7). Kids in the ECH phase are the most highly-energetic bunch and we should channel their energy in a healthy manner, like fitness.

VLF is the first gym to introduce parent-participation classes for kids between 4 to 7 years old. We will empower both parents and kids to kickstart and maintain an active lifestyle as a family, by engaging everyone in fun workouts through our new program: VLF Cubs.

All participating children have to be accompanied by an adult, min. 21 years of age. This will be a wonderful opportunity for the entire family to bond this June holidays. Workout with your kids. Create new memories together. Lead by example.

Benefits for your kids:

– Kids will gain confidence and develop a healthy self-esteem through positive reinforcements & encouragement.

– They will learn social skills, through interactions with other children & parents.

– They will be empowered with life values: “Respect, Patience, Sportsmanship & Perseverance”.

– Improve their gross motor skills through fitness.

– Develop skill sets in Sports Education (jumping, hopping, balancing).

– Learn the names of various muscle groups/exercises as part of general knowledge.

– Forge healthy & trusting relationships with their parents & trainers.

With Van’s prior experience as an ECH educator and a full-time fitness trainer in a kids gym, rest assured that all your children will be in good hands. Van also has experience in Personal Training for Kids with special needs, such as autism & ADHD.

Our first VLF Cubs (parent-participation) session will take place on Sunday, 12 June. Check out the details below:

Time: 2pm – 3pm
Age range for kids: 4 – 7 year olds
Cost: $48/parent & child, $40 for 2nd child onwards
Attire: Sports wear, no shoes needed
Bring along: Sports towels and water bottles for all

RSVP early, as slots are limited. For registration procedures and further enquiries, drop us a text at 92275426.