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For those who’re familiar with VLF’s Muaythai and HotBod Conditioning classes, you would agree with me that they’re not for the weak-hearted. I participate in both programs, and can vouch that these classes are specially designed to put you in beast mode – where one would go apeshit at the bags, throwing never-ending kicks on each leg (for those selected ‘lucky’ few) or finish the last set of ‘thread-the-needle’ on the much dreaded black ViPR. I personally find this equipment ultra sexy. Just saying.

The ‘last exercise’ routines that are mercilessly meted out to the unsuspecting newbies and regulars are usually received and executed without objection, despite the mutterings and curses from under the breath of several individuals. Some, louder than the rest.

The determined sweaty faces are priceless. It’s like a scene from a war movie. The sweat puddles on the mats, likened to a bloody massacre. Everyone is a warrior, each fighting to survive. The ones who’ve reached the end of their ‘race’ would stand beside their falling mates and join them in their battle to the finishing line. At VLF, nobody gets left behind. This is one of the things I love most about this incredible all women gym.

Words of encouragement from the trainers are never short. Somehow, you will find a way to push yourself further every time, because giving up is never an option.

You see, surviving a full training session would seem extremely daunting and impossible for a beginner, whose first instinct might be to throw in the towel and walk away. But with perseverance and motivation from my fellow training partners, I’ve improved tremendously in terms of stamina and endurance. Today I feel like Xena the warrior princess – unbreakable and unstoppable.


There’s nothing more empowering than being a part of such a resilient bunch of women, all with one common, unwavering goal – to be the best version of themselves. VLF instills strength in you, physically and mentally, as well as teaches you that nothing is impossible in life. I’ve got so much gratitude for this amazing gym.

That exhaustion and muscle soreness you feel after each gruelling session with Van and her assistants will usually transform into euphoria. You know that you’ve pushed yourself to a new limit which you’ve never even dreamed of before; personal achievement unlocked! 

So, you go back for more. Because there are new boundaries to overcome and you crave for another level of accomplishment and triumph. And because you also need to satisfy your inner masochist desire for that pleasurable muscular aches.

Wait, have I mentioned VLF Yoga yet? This is the gym’s latest program which was recently introduced and has further intensified my obsession with this place. I’ve never known muscles actually existed in those places until they started hurting after my first class. I was sold.

Such is the life of a VLF addict. And bloody proud to be one.

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