The roundhouse kick is one of the lethal weapons that is commonly used in Muaythai. This kick is so unique because it uses the lower shin as the contact point, and has the potential to deliver alot of power when executed correctly. We refer to the roundhouse kick as the mother of all kicks because a powerful kick is damaging enough to break someone’s ribs. The techniques of the roundhouse kick may be one of the first things that we all learn from our MT classes, but it’s usually the last that we can properly master.

For beginners, it might be a little hard to grasp the techniques of the roundhouse kick, as it requires a certain amount of coordination. To get better, simply practice. Soon enough, you will be on your way to delivering your first proper kick.

Common mistakes:

  • Not rotating your body when kicking.
  • Aiming with the top of your foot, instead of connecting your kick with your shin.
  • Flat foot kicking. It’s more difficult to rotate on a flat foot and it will also affect your balance.
  • Holding your breath when you kick. The trick is to exhale when you throw that kick.
  • Not swinging your arm while you kick. Swinging your arm helps you have a better balance and it makes you deliver more powerful kicks. Just remember to keep the other hand up, to guard your face.

To simplify it a little bit for you, remember these things when executing your MT kicks:

  1. Use one foot as the pivot point and the other as the lever. Remember to always be on the ball of your pivoting foot, so that your body can rotate easily.
  2. The force comes from your body, not your leg. If your kicks aren’t powerful enough, you’re probably not engaging your body.
  3. Use the rotational force of your body, because the more your body rotates, the harder your kicks will be.

Now that you’ve learnt the theory behind the roundhouse kick, it’s time to put these drills into practice. We’ll be watching you!

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