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Weight loss pursuits will sometimes cause many women to resort to desperate measures. Many judge their self-worth by the numbers on the scale and turn to instant solutions such as fat blockers and laxatives, just to weigh lesser temporarily.

Such weight loss methods are extremely detrimental to your health because they come with the following complications:

– Nausea
– Stomach spasms
– Severe dehydration
– Increased risk of colon cancer
– Electrolyte and mineral imbalances

An over-dependency on the scale can also result in negative feelings of self-inadequacy, low self-esteem and ultimately, eating disorders. At VLF, we don’t advocate quick fixes or crash dieting because we believe in making realistic lifestyle changes for fat loss through exercising regularly and making the right food choices.

Today, we’re proud to be sharing Atiqah’s weight loss journey, before and after VLF. We hope that this will inspire you to keep training hard.

Her story: Atiqah has always resented exercising but had a wake up call one day to lose some weight.  She was searching for quality classes that were also fun and intense, hence discovered VLF women Muaythai through some friends.

In February 2016, Atiqah invested in our VLF Muaythai package as a birthday gift for herself and has unknowingly lost a whopping 23kgs since then. Below is a picture of her before and after.

Our all women Muaythai classes have not only transformed her body, but also empowered her mentally. Through training, she’s gained strength, improved her fitness level as well as increased her self-esteem and confidence. New friendships and unbreakable bonds have also been formed.

VLF 5th Anniversary Bootcamp

VLF 5th Anniversary Bootcamp 2017

We applaud Atiqah’s dedication towards training, and recognise the real work that she’s put in since Day 1. She’s always been one of the hardest workers in the room, and never failed to show up for every training, hence the amazing progress. Well done, At!

Ladies, remember that the numbers on the scale don’t define you and they never will. You’re more than just a number on the scale. Focus on exercising regularly, eat right and you’ll lose weight. Give your 100% each time in class and you will definitely see results.

Atiqah’s tip for all other ladies: “It’s never too late to get started. Once you’ve joined the classes at VLF, you’ll feel much better about yourself. And trust me, you’ll be ready to conquer the world.”

Come join Atiqah and all the other VLF women in their fitness journey here.


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