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Van Lee Fitness (VLF) is the first and only all women Muaythai fitness gym in Singapore. We’ve helped transform hundreds of female bodies over the years and still going strong. VLF has been, and always will be, second home to all our girls, because we provide the support system that you need. In our fat-burning classes, you’ll be constantly challenged with efficient workouts that will help you achieve the best results for your body. Most importantly, these workouts have been specially tailored to suit the woman’s body.

We strongly encourage women to believe in themselves and pride ourselves in being dedicated to helping women remove self-doubt and instilling confidence in them. At VLF, we’re not just training you to look fabulous, but also to be strong enough for all the challenges you face. You’ll grow to have a new perspective in life beyond our walls, and be transformed as you walk through our doors.

Above all, our objective is to shape you to become that woman who never backs down. VLF and its programs are purpose-built and specially designed for women of all age groups, run by women and headed by one woman – Vanessa Lee, fondly known as “Van”, a seasoned professional in the fitness industry. Van was also the first female Muaythai Trainer in Singapore, certified by the International Federation of Muaythai (IFMA) and Muaythai Association of Singapore (AMAS). Over the years, she has accumulated an extensive portfolio of experience within numerous corporate sectors, gyms and schools. She has also trained the Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Armed Forces.