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Corporate Wellness (CW) is vital to every organisation because happy and healthy employees result in improved productivity for the company. Fitness does not have to be expensive. Our programmes are customisable and tailored to a company’s budget. Workout sessions can be conducted within the premises of the company, or at VLF. Corporate Fitness is all about motivating workforces. It’s about creating accountability amongst people who spend most of their waking hours together. It’s also about living healthier, and getting fit together. We’re here to help your co-workers/employees de-stress and unwind through our invigorating training sessions.

We offer:

  • 1 time-off events (Family Day, Team-Building Events, etc.)
  • Seminars & Workshops (Muay Thai Self-Defense courses, Conditioning sessions)
  • Weekly training sessions at your workplace, or at our facility
  • Corporate deals for our classes, or for your female co-workers/employees
  • And so much more.

Whether you’re a huge establishment or an SME, we’ll be happy to work with you. And we’re flexible enough to work things out. Remember our Brand Promise? We’re here to empower you, to become the best version of yourself.