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If you are:

  • A female individual with erratic working schedules
  • Someone who needs an extra push
  • Have an important event to prep for (i.e. a wedding, marathon training, photoshoot etc.) and need professional guidance
  • Looking to develop a specialised skill set (i.e. Muaythai or Conditioning techniques)
  • Shy and uncomfortable in a group setting

Personal Training with Van Lee is your other alternative. We provide customised exercise programs to cater to your fitness levels and needs. Over the years, we’ve helped numerous women get in shape for their weddings, witnessed their life transformations and celebrated one another’s successes. This is an opportunity for us to get up-close and personal. We believe that every woman has her story. Tell us yours. We’ll listen to you, identify your needs and ultimately, help you reach your goals. A training syllabus will be specially tailored for you, and your exercise forms will be meticulously monitored. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure that you’re doing it right. Whether you’re looking at losing fat, gaining strength, or building endurance, remember that at VLF, there’s always something for you.

What sets us apart from the rest:

We don’t make members pay upfront for 40 to 50 sessions. We are here to equip you with fundamental knowledge of training, so that you can master the groundwork, and progressively develop your own training regime. We like to keep fitness fun, and make it affordable for all.

Hence, the minimum number of sessions to start is 4. Yes, weekly training, for a month. Get in touch with us, because our slots for PT sell out faster than pancakes. Or Nutella.