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VLF is committed to inspire women to be the best version of themselves – strong, powerful and stunning.



Brands have meaning in people’s minds that exists beyond functionality. Van Lee Fitness (VLF) aims to be an intangible asset that resides in people’s hearts and minds, bearing in mind that the tangible aspect of our brand is also a promise. A brand promise is what a company commits to the people who interact with it and not a description of what a company does in a literal sense. VLF is committed “To inspire women to be the best version of themselves – strong, powerful and stunning.”


A brand is not just a fancy icon, logo or catchy slogan. In summary, a brand is a point of view and very much alive. In today’s extremely competitive and uber-connected world, it is paramount for brands to have a clear purpose and meaning for consumers. An authentic brand comes from within. It’s the exposure of what a company really is.

VLF believes that the products and services are the blood of a brand, and the organisational culture and standards for action are the heartbeat.


A Reliable Leader: Since we’re the very first and only all women Muaythai fitness gym in Singapore, we set the pace and others follow. We’re not all about quick fixes, shortcuts or fad diets. We believe that hard work pays off, and your needs will be met with consistency and professionalism.

Honest: Integrity runs in our blood and we take extreme pride in our programs and facilities. There are no hidden costs or joining fees involved, and membership is free for all.

Tough: We’re able to endure challenges and always ready for battle. We believe that the power is in our hands.

Charming: We’re managed and run by female ENTJ Virgos, who’re well known for their entrepreneurship, ambition, perfectionist and meticulous qualities. And charisma, of course. We strive to empower women through these traits.

Contemporary: We’re always evolving, unconventional and cool.