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Spot reduction is a lie.

We’ve had many of you ladies telling us that you’d want a particular area of your body to shrink. Meaning, you have this idea that you can burn fat or tone a certain area of your body without working the rest of it. Hate to tell you this, but that mentality has to go.

This myth has also persisted greatly due to the efforts of many unscrupulous advertisers. Turn your TV on and you’ll probably find an infomercial selling a dodgy, scientifically unsound weight-loss product. Many of them claim to spot reduce fat and certain devices will so called eliminate fat by electrically stimulating muscles (will refrain from naming a few here).

Please don’t get caught up in the hype. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You’ll only set yourself up for a huge disappointment if you believe in the myth of spot reduction. Fad exercises and diets don’t work and there is no shortcut to losing fats.

It’s simply impossible for us to influence where our body draws the fat that is metabolised into energy. A reduction in body fat and increase in muscle mass need to occur simultaneously before any definition can be noticed.

We girls have our trouble areas, where the fat is the last to go. Yup, we hear ya! Most of the time, these areas would be our arms, legs and stomach. There isn’t much that can be done about this other than continuing to lean out.

Here is a statement that many of you probably wouldn’t want to believe: There is NO exercise out there that is going to burn fat off your body in a specific area! Spot reduction doesn’t exist. The order in which specific parts begin to lose fat is majorly predetermined by our genetics makeup. Which simply means, fat loss is general. When you lose fat, your overall body fat % decreases.

In summary, cardiovascular exercise, interval training and resistance training work hand in hand. It’s best to be engaging all aspects for optimal performance and results.

Hence, the birth of our Muaythai/Hotbod combo program. Our MT program is considered highly cardiovascular (think of the numerous speedkicks you’ve done), whilst our HB program focuses on interval training/total body-conditioning while working with various equipment. Contact us for more information regarding this combo program.

The equation is simple: Burn the fat, build the muscles. It’s not easy, but that’s the only way that we women can transform our bodies – while battling with genetic inheritance.

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