Burn body fat with our battle ropes!

Our latest equipment, the battle ropes, were received with much enthusiasm by our ladies during our recent HotBod classes.

A battle rope is usually anchored at the end to something sturdy and varies in length, weight and thickness. It’s heavy, which adds resistance to work your muscles like never before.

In summary, this dynamic killer workout strengthens your arms, shoulders, core, engages your legs and increases your heart rate swiftly. Our Hotbod ladies were flogged after their sessions, but enjoyed themselves immensely.

If you’re still unsure of what the battle ropes can do for you, we’ve listed some of the benefits for you below.

Benefits of Battle Ropes:

They allow maximum caloric burn
No matter what your training objectives are; fat-loss or weight maintenance, caloric expenditure is definitely essential. On average, battle rope workouts enable you to burn up to 400 calories per half an hour. High-intensity interval-style regimens that focus on improving your power, explosiveness, and aerobic endurance are what battle ropes are made for. They’re an essential part of your formula for creating calorie expenditure that will have your body fat burning at record speed.

They work both cardiovascular and resistance simultaneously
A 15 to 20 minute battle rope session provides you with optimal cardiovascular and muscle-engaging benefits. Cardiovascular exercise works to burn fat, and resistance exercise helps to build your muscles. You will quickly reach your target heart rate and feel that burning sensation in your muscles. An indication that they are being worked.

They work all of your muscle groups
Other than being extremely dynamic, which beats any form of steady-state cardio, working with battle ropes allows you to engage multiple muscle groups all at once.

It’s a low-impact workout
Battle rope exercises are challenging, but they’re surprisingly low impact. The battle ropes do not put excessive stress on your joints, but still allows you to maximise your heart rate and encourages fat-burn during training.

All these being said, we’d like to invite you to swing by our Hotbod classes to try this amazing equipment. Time to slay those ropes! Book a class now.

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